The Difference Between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Some people see some similarities between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. I think there is one obvious question you need to ask yourself to see the key difference.

Do you want Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump to lead you into battle against your adversaries?

The one thing I would think you would want in a leader is someone who knows who the adversaries are. Bernie Sanders tells you the ones who rig the system against you and are getting all the income and wealth to your detriment are your adversaries. Donald Trump says your adversaries are the ones who have no control over the system, who have less than you do, and only own a tiny fraction of the nation’s wealth.

If Donald Trump were to enlist you into a war against the people who have nothing, what would you have after you won? Trump and his fellow oligarchs would still be rigging the system, will still be holding almost everything, and you’d just have a bigger share of nothing. With a Trump win, the country would be rid of the people at the bottom of the ladder, which would put you at the bottom of the ladder, and next in line to be got rid of.

I don’t think there is any other consideration that would outweigh the answer to this question.

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