The Real Cuban Missile Crisis

The Atlantic has the article The Real Cuban Missile Crisis: Everything you think you know about those 13 days is wrong.

I’ll give you the closing paragraph of the article. You’ll have to read the article to be amazed at how this conclusion became inevitable.

This esoteric strategizing—this misplaced obsession with credibility, this dangerously expansive concept of what constitutes security—which has afflicted both Democratic and Republican administrations, and both liberals and conservatives, is the antithesis of statecraft, which requires discernment based on power, interest, and circumstance. It is a stance toward the world that can easily doom the United States to military commitments and interventions in strategically insignificant places over intrinsically trivial issues. It is a stance that can engender a foreign policy approximating paranoia in an obdurately chaotic world abounding in states, personalities, and ideologies that are unsavory and uncongenial—but not necessarily mortally hazardous.

For some Americans, this could change their whole view on the lessons of lying historians, real history, and what they think of our current foreign policy. Even for people who look askance at our current foreign policy and were never that enamored with JFK at the time, this is a surprising article.

This certainly has lessons for us to learn about our current situation and the Iran nuclear deal. The fact that LBJ took the actions that he did in Viet Nam that led to the eventual demise of “liberalism” in the US because he was misled by JFK, has a special poignancy.

Let me explain my convoluted argument about LBJ. LBJ did a lot of great things, civil rights acts, war on poverty, and great society, but what did him in has his obstinate stance on Viet Nam. Johnson’s vehemence over his Viet Nam policy may be a direct result of the secrets JFK kept from LBJ, and the lies he and his top people told to LBJ. The guns and butter strategy led to inflation and Richard Nixon. The inflation problem outlasted Nixon and Carter, and brought us right to the ascendancy of Ronald Reagan. It has taken over 50 years for this country to get to the edge of what might be a recovery if Bernie Sanders can win the Presidency.

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