Saving Capitalism by Robert Reich

YouTube has the video Saving Capitalism by Robert Reich.

From the author of Aftershock and The Work of Nations, his most important book to date–a passionate yet practical, sweeping yet minutely argued, myth-shattering breakdown of what’s wrong with our political-economic system, and what it will take to fix it.

I commented on his YouTube posting

This is an explanation that should be shared far and wide. Whenever you hear a “conservative” friend tell you about the free market, you should point her or him to this video. I am putting this on my blog and on my Facebook page.

I’ll get the Reich’s own Facebook posting of this video as soon as I can get it from the lost bowels of Facebook, and as soon as Facebook will start responding to me again. Facebook is still circling the drain trying to respond to my connection request.

Here is the Facebook post by Robert Reich. The loss of memorable items on Facebook is exactly why I post on my blog, with Facebook posting as a teaser for this blog.

I may have to buy this book, even though just about every book of this type that I read is wonderful in diagnosing the problem, yet disappointing in describing what we can do to fix it. I can’t really blame the books for this failure. Diagnosing and describing the problem the way that Robert Reich does is a magnificent talent. Figuring out how to fix the problem is orders of magnitude more difficult.

Bernie Sanders’ run for President is an attempt to tackle the much more difficult problem. That is why I cannot pass up the opportunity to vote for him even if the odds are stacked against his success. If it were easy, someone would have done it already.

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