Debacle, Inc.: How Henry Kissinger Helped Create Our ‘Proliferated’ World

Naked Capitalism has the post Debacle, Inc.: How Henry Kissinger Helped Create Our ‘Proliferated’ World

Less well known is the way in which Kissinger’s policies toward Iran and Saudi Arabia accelerated the radicalization in the region, how step by catastrophic step he laid the groundwork for the region’s spiraling crises of the present moment.

When I linked to this article on Facebook, I commented as follows:

I won’t mention any names, but how many of you know which current Presidential hopeful counts Henry Kissinger as one of the people she admires? As Secretary of State, her foreign policy looked remarkably like one that could have been advised by Henry Kissinger.

Again, not mentioning any names, but which Presidential hopeful seems to disdain the realpolitik tendencies of Kissinger and his acolytes? He came out pretty firmly in support of the recent deal with Iran on nuclear weapons. Perhaps in an effort to undo some of the damage that Kissinger has done.

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