Fighting the War Against CNN

CNN is waging a war on the people of the United States by trying to get them to believe the story about the Democratic Debate that CNN wants them to believe instead of what millions of people saw with their own eyes when they watched this debate on CNN of all places.

So the people are taking the fight right back to CNN in the funniest thing I have seen on the internet in a long time.

Look at the CNN Facebook page and search for the word “sanders” using your browser’s text search facility. You will find some of the best humor on the internet in the comments on each article. It might give you ideas on how to fight the war against CNN. You could mark some of the best comments with “like”.

Headline: Jeb Bush on Hillary Clinton: Smart but beatable
Comment: You know who can beat Hillary? Bernie can.
Headline: Tracy Morgan returns to ‘SNL’ after car accident with ’30 Rock’ reunion
Comment: Even Tracy Morgan agrees that bernie sanders won the debate.
Comment: Great show for Tracy. Still Bernie won cnn. Your not news anymore
Headline: Divers dwarfed by giant creature
Comment: I heard the giant creature thinks Bernie Sanders won the 1st debate
Comment: Wow! Looks even bigger than Time Warner’s contribution to Hillary’s campaign!
Headline: Photographic proof that animals are funnier than humans
Comment: Wow! Looks even bigger than Time Warner’s contribution to Hillary’s campaign!
Comment: I bet those animals support U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. He did win the debate after all! #feelthebern
Headline: Thousands displaced as Typhoon Koppu slams Philippines
Comment: Bern Sanders can stop the typhoon.
Comment: Proof Hillary PAID CNN to Delete Bernie Sanders…

When you watch the above video, don’t forget that the water consumed is not taken off the planet. It is recycled. You might find that some of the ways it gets recycled are repulsive. However, if this smooth talker can get you to forget this one important fact, what else might he convince you of?

Headline: CNN World Report October 1987
Comment: Bernie Sanders still won the debate
Headline: Democracy made in Poland
Comment: Bernie Sanders won the debate!
Comment: Bernie Sanders won the debate
Comment: #FeelTheBern #EndCorruption

Amazingly, I don’t think my search for the word “sanders” on the CNN page led me to a single news story about Bernie Sanders. How strange is that? And we used to laugh at the countries behind the “iron curtain” because those people never got real news; they got only propaganda.

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