We Need Accurate Reporting on Israel and Palestine

Have you been wondering why the sudden uprising of Palestinians in Israel in recent days? I have been so tied up in the Bernie Sanders campaign, that I have not been paying my usual attention to what else is going on in the world. I have been wondering why now is the turmoil in Israel suddenly coming to a boil with no seeming provocation from Israel.

I got the enclosed letter from Jewish Voice for Peace. I have no independent means of fact checking what they wrote. However, considering how CNN and the corporate media are selling the obviously untrue story that Hillary Clinton won the recent debate, when in fact she lost it, it shouldn’t surprise you that The New York Times lies about other important stories as well. There have been too many examples of blatant lies in The New York Times besides the debate story, that this should be no surprise if JVP is correct about what is actually going on.

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