Warren Buffet Warns Elizabeth Warren

The Young Turks has the video Warren Buffet Warns Elizabeth Warren.

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, discusses Berkshire Hathaway CEO and chairman Warren Buffet who had some choice words for the current Democratic senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.

I didn’t really get all that was wrong with what Warren Buffet said until I heard the discussion by The Young Turks.

Come to think of it, pinning the too angry label is not restricted to Elizabeth Warren and women. It is being used against Bernie Sanders. It was actually what pushed Howard Dean off the political stage. However, it is true that Elizabeth Warren is way below the threshold where they apply the angry label to men.

I also realize that one of the reasons I am not as much a fan of the left wing ranting media as the right wing is for Faux Noise and its ilk, is the anger factor. There is only so much of it that I can take.

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