About the School Resource Officer in South Carolina

The Daily Kos has the article About the School Resource Officer in South Carolina.

Best practices: If a student is refusing to obey a teacher or officer’s directive, rephrase the directive as a choice. For instance, the teacher or officer might calmly say to the student, “You have a choice. You can either come with me to the office to talk about your disruptive behavior or you can continue to sit here, and your refusal to comply will add more days to your suspension.” At no point should they invade the student’s personal space as that will only escalate the situation. They must wait for the student to comply. They should consider calling the school counselor or other professionals trained in dealing with students with emotional disorders.

In an email conversation I had with Jim Zavistoski, I said that what the police officer did was completely wrong, but what should he have done in that situation? This article is what Jim sent me. The brief article in The Daily Kos has a faulty link (here is the correct link to Student Handbook of the Richland School in Columbia, SC).

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