France Brave; Republicans (Americans) Cowards?

The Daily Kos has the post France isn’t afraid, why is the Republican Party?

Since Friday’s horrific attacks in Paris, the Republican Party has delighted ISIS by tripping over themselves to declare that the United States shouldn’t take in Syrian refugees because … uh … well, because even if they didn’t have anything to do with the attacks, they are Muslims, so why not equate all of them with the terrorists who murdered at least 129 people last week? After all, their base loves it. French President François Hollande, on the other hand, decided that France would not bow down to terrorists:

The Daily Kos post makes reference to this ABC News tweet NEW: Pres. Hollande commits to taking 30,000 refugees in next 2 years; says France has duty to honor that commitment. “Life must go on.”

ABC News also has the article President Obama Mocks Republicans on Refugee Stance.

All of this may be the proof that we need that Republicans are cowards, just as Bernie Sanders calls them for being too afraid of facing the consequences of letting all of the people vote in fair elections.

See my previous post On Rejecting the Human Intelligence of Syrian Refugees to understand why this Republican stance is not just cowardice, but it is stupid cowardice.

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