Bernie Sanders’ Major Speech About Justice For Minorities

YouTube has the video Bernie Sanders speaks at the 2015 Presidential Justice Forum (11/21/15).

On Saturday November 21, 2015, the 20/20 Leaders of America, along with BET and Facebook, hosted presidential candidates at Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina. The topic was Criminal Justice Reform.

Compare my headline to the headline on YouTube, to the following headline Facebook uses when you post this video on Facebook: Bernie Sanders at Allen University, Columbia, SC (11/21/15).

It is not obvious from the Facebook headline, or the Facebook static picture of the video that they show, that this is a major talk by Bernie Sanders on Justice for the minority communities in this country. I hope my headline will make it clearer that this is an important speech worth listening to.

All people have to do is to hear what Bernie Sanders’ positions are on the issues, and I trust they will make a fair decision on whether or not to vote for him. He isn’t going to get these speeches and explanations out to people through the corporate media. We, the people, have to make sure that the truth is spread rather than be covered up. Each person and each action they take to spread the message is a step in overcoming the tyranny of the corporate media. There is a great amount of power in everybody’s hands if they just recognize the power that they have, and then use that power to change the thinking of the people who don’t have time to dig these newsworthy items up.

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