NEWS: Bernie Sanders Continues Radio Push Across Iowa

Here is a News release I received from the campaign.

From: Rania Batrice <>
Date: Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 6:32 PM
Subject: NEWS: Bernie Sanders Continues Radio Push Across Iowa

Bernie Sanders Continues Radio Push Across Iowa

December 23, 2015

Contact: Rania Batrice (512) 968-2818

DES MOINES, Iowa — U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Thursday continues his outreach on radio stations across Iowa with the launch of a new statewide ad. The ad, “Sound,” emphasizes Sanders’ commitment to “leaving this country and our entire planet habitable for our kids and grandchildren.”

“Sanders has put forth the most ambitious climate plan of any candidate…reducing carbon pollution by 80 percent and creating a clean energy workforce with millions of new jobs,” the ad says.

“Sen. Sanders is proud to have been the first presidential candidate to stand with thousands of Iowans against the Bakken Pipeline,” said Bernie 2016 Iowa state director, Robert Becker. “Iowa is a global leader in generating clean energy and the quality, good paying jobs that come along with that technology — as president, he will make combatting climate change a national priority.”

“Sound” can be found here.


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