71-year-old activist arrested in Worcester

The Boston Globe has the story 71-year-old activist arrested in Worcester.

Worcester Magazine has the story as UPDATED: Worcester activist hospitalized after incident at Quinsigamond Community College.

Worcester Anti-Foreclosure activist Chris Horton was taken to the hospital Monday morning after an encounter with police at Quinsigamond Community College during an event honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Witnesses tell Worcester Magazine Horton was handing out flyers about foreclosures at the annual MLK breakfast, which had drawn hundreds of people, including state and federal officials, when he was asked to stop. Horton allegedly pushed or shrugged off a campus officer who had approached him, before he was wrestled to the ground, according to witnesses.

Jamie Eldridge, State Senator Middlesex & Worcester District, posted about this on his Facebook timeline.

Outrageous treatment by the police of the aggressive arrest of one of the most peaceful persons, and most committed to social justice that I know, Chris Horton of Worcester, at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. breakfast at Quinsigamond Community College this morning. And what a further injustice that Chris was detained for handing out flyers for the repeal of one of the worst laws passed by the Mass Legislature this session, a bill allowing banks to more easily clear title on homes that were often illegally foreclosed upon by mostly big banks, and fraudulent title insurance companies. Perfect example of how property is often more valued over people in American society.

Here is a picture of Chris Horton at his release from the Worcester city jail.

Chris Horton Release From Jail

The crowd assembled at the release consists of his friends and supporters who had heard about the incident in time to be at his release. I was not there, but I would have been if I had heard about it in time.

This stooped over 71 year old man doesn’t look like he would be able to assault anyone, let alone a police officer and certainly not physically. I call Chris the brains behind We Want Bernie – Worcester. That is how I came to know him and to work with him.

Being of his age myself, I could certainly understand how he could easily lose his balance. That is a report that I heard third or fourth hand from one of his friends as the cause for the charge of assault. So I am not attesting to the fact that that is exactly what happened.

I am always afraid that if I ever get stopped by police, they might interpret my instability as my being drunk. Not being a heavy drinker, my last alcoholic beverage could have been consumed weeks ago, and I still doubt I could pass a field sobriety test that required me to walk a straight line in sobriety test style as I have seen on TV. I can sometimes lose my balance just standing still.

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