Video Shows State Police Discussing How To Charge Protester

The Hartford Courant has this article and video Video Shows State Police Discussing How To Charge Protester.

Picard told The Courant Thursday that he was standing near a state police DUI enforcement checkpoint near the on-ramp to I-84 on Park Road at about 7 p.m. holding a sign that read “Cops ahead. Keep calm and remain silent.” He said he also had a handgun visible in a holster on his waist because Connecticut is an open-carry state and he had a valid permit for the gun.

What this really shows is that some state laws lead to a paradox. Picard was legally and openly carrying a weapon. It is also true that people openly carrying weapons logically scares the hell out of people. Is there a solution.

I know the feeling of the passers-by. I was driving home from work in Oregon one day. Less than half a block from my house there was a teenager standing in his driveway aiming a rifle toward the spot in the street that I was about to pass by. I took a detour and notified the police. What do you think I should have done instead? Should I have just continued to drive, and hope to hell I wasn’t going to get shot? Should I have taken the detour, not notified the police, and hoped to hell the next person by wouldn’t get shot?

Then there was the time I was walking to my car in my employer’s parking lot. A person was getting into his pickup truck and momentarily a concealed handgun revealed itself. I knew that guns were forbidden on the property. A call to company security revealed to me that the person wearing the concealed weapon was a security officer employed by my employer.

I maintain that there is a difference between being frightened by people because of the color of their skin or some other ethnic identifier and being frightened by someone carrying a gun, especially one that is about to be aimed at you. In the one case I am suffering from a belief in a stereotype of what someone is (and has no choice about) and an observation about someone who chooses to carry something that does threaten my life.

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