Dems worry DNC chair ‘too toxic’ after Sanders blast

CNN has the article Dems worry DNC chair ‘too toxic’ after Sanders blast. Notably, CNN does not take comments on their article, so I will post my comment here.

The big lie has been repeated often enough that it has now passed into the realm of perceived truth not even needing a qualification when repeated. There is not even a hint here that what DWS said is turning the truth upside down. The chaos, such as it was, was sparked by the caucus chairwoman running roughshod over the proceedings. Does she expect Bernie Sanders to apologize for being victimized?

Wasserman Schultz was swept into the center of the ongoing intraparty war between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders after she criticized Sanders on CNN last week. Wasserman Schultz said Sanders’ tepid response to chaos sparked by his supporters at the Nevada Democratic Convention was “anything but acceptable” and compared it to a Donald Trump campaign event.

Sanders and his campaign condemned the outburst and death threats his supporters sent to the Nevada chairwoman, but refused to apologize for them. Wasserman Schultz said his decision to complain about how his supporters were treated in Nevada only “added more fuel to the fire.”

I have tried to warn people that not fighting the big lie will turn it into accepted folklore.

Here is another example of trying to explain away the truth.

Former Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter, whose city will host the Democratic convention in two months, defended Wasserman Schultz and compared Sanders to an ungrateful guest of the Democratic Party.

“This is like someone who comes to your house, says they don’t like the food, your TV is too small and I’m not particularly thrilled with what your kitchen looks like and then walks out complaining,” said Nutter, now a CNN contributor. “She’s been leading the party, he just became a Democrat and now suddenly believes that he should be in charge.”

The more apt analogy would be to think of Bernie Sanders as someone you have hired to analyze your failing business and help you fix it. He is just honestly telling you why you are failing. That’s exactly what you want him to do. As a person who sees the continued failure of a political party that I have supported for 50 years, this is what I like about Bernie Sanders. Sometimes an outsider is the only one who can see the problems clearly. (Followers of this blog will know that I have seen these faults and have pointed them out long before Bernie Sanders decided to run for President.)

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