Elizabeth Warren – 2016 Massachusetts Democratic Party State Convention

I have been waiting for this to be posted to YouTube so I can share with you what I saw at the convention.

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke at the Massachusetts Democratic Party State Convention in Lowell, MA on June 4, 2016.


Don’t just stay for the sound bites, as great as they are The whole thing is filled with important stuff (yes, even the substance is far from boring.)

Remember, that she also gave a 1 hour presentation on income inequality in a breakout session after the formal convention meeting. It was held in half a gymnasium to overflow crowd to the extent that the presentation had to be opened up to the other half of the gymnasium.

I suspect that this presentation will not be posted on YouTube for a while. This is a presentation that she is planning to give around the country. She didn’t say where or when she would be doing this. I suspect it will either form the basis of her Presidential campaign or at the very least in an effort to influence the outcome of the Convention in Philadelphia in July. Elizabeth Warren could be the consensus candidate if the convention should deadlock over the choice between Clinton and Sanders.

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