Diagnosis of Jill Stein’s Email Bugs

I have found that the links do not work in Jill Stein’s emails that she sends to me. I did some debugging to find what the issue was. I have tried to send an email explanation to the Stein campaign, but if you have a reliable connection to the campaign, you might want to pass this information on.

Here is an example of the typical problematic HTML code in her email.

<a href="jill2016.com/live">Watch the livestream from your couch!</a>.

The short cut assumes that the link is to a file on the server.

For this link to work reliably in all situations, the correct code must include the transport mechanism http:// in the URL.

<a href="http://jill2016.com/live">Watch the livestream from your couch!</a>.

Including the transport protocol tells the browser or email reader that jill2016.com is the target web site and not the name of a file on an assumed website server.

If you read an email from Stein on an online email reader such as gmail, the link that is in the email probably will not work either. Leaving out the transport protocol is a shortcut that was introduced for reasons I won’t explain here. What most people would have no reason to know is that the shortcut does not work in an HTML page that does not come from a server that is the same one as the server of the linked item. If you save an online web page that uses the shortcut, and you save it to your local computer, the links probably will not work on your saved version.

In creating a web page or an email, if you are not an HTML expert or if you use a tool to generate your web pages or email, you would have no reason to know about this issue. All you would know is that the link works for some people and not others.

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