What we know about Russia’s role in the DNC email leak

Politifact has the article What we know about Russia’s role in the DNC email leak.

“The consensus that Russia hacked the DNC is at this point very strong, albeit not unanimous,” said cybersecurity consultant Matt Tait, who has been critical of Clinton’s email practices. “The consensus that Russia hacked the DNC in support of Trump is, by contrast, plausible, but something for which the jury at this stage is very much still out.”

The following plays a small part in the overall picture presented in the article.

As of yet, there’s no evidence anyone other than Russia breached the DNC. So unless someone hacked the Russian agencies, the Russian government is likely WikiLeaks’ source, Hennessey said. Additionally, Assange and the Russian government have a well-documented relationship, for example the fact that Assange has hosted a television show on RT, a state-owned network.

The connection of Julian Assange to Russia because of his appearance on RT is overblown as evidence of anything. The only place where American dissenters can have a voice seems to be on RT. No doubt that our government would want to discredit RT.

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