Sen. Bob Graham: FBI Covered Up Role of Bandar and Saudis in 9/11 Attacks

The Real News Network has a recent interview Sen. Bob Graham: FBI Covered Up Role of Bandar and Saudis in 9/11 Attacks.

If there was such a cover up as described above, and there is continuing effort to get this information ouf of the FBI, CIA, and other agencies, then it must be that under Obama’s direction this cover up continues. If Obama vetoes the legislation that has passed Congress to let Americans sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11, then he must know reasons for this that the Congress does not know. In other words, continuing obstruction of information being given to the American public. If Obama knows, you can bet Hillary Clinton knows. And we are expected to vote for a continuation of the cover-up.

Think Progress has the article Obama Expected To Veto 9/11 Bill Because It Sets A Dangerous Precedent.

Obama said in April he would veto the bill. The White House says that the bill’s enactment could put American officials overseas in danger.

By opening up the prospect of victims suing governments (or states), the United States could be opening itself up to law suits from individuals who feel that the country has committed crimes in their nation — like victims of drones in Pakistan, or civilians killed by the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition in Yemen.

I think the above video hints at much more likely reasons why Obama wants to veto that bill.

The article goes on further to state:

The bill passed on Friday despite the release of the notorious 28 pages — a missing section of the congressional 9/11 report. The 28 pages that were released in July did not provide the evidence that some suspected would tie the financing of the 9/11 attacks to the Saudi royal family.

From the video we know what utter hogwash it is for even Think Progress to publish claims tof such failure to make links.

Vote for Jill Stein to get the to bottom of the cover up.

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