Bill Black Exposes The Real Wells Fargo Story

New Economic Perspectives has the article NEP’s Bill Black appears on The Monitor.

NEP’s Bill Black talks with Mark Bebawi – host of The Monitor on KPFT in Houston. The topic of conversation is the Wells Fargo scandal and the settlement. You can listen to the podcast here.

You should hear Bill Black’s characterization of Elizabeth Warren’s vaunted Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). I am coming to the conclusion that Elizabeth Warren plays the part of the useful fool in this charade. I don’t know how much of the information in this audio interview was discussed in the Senate Banking Committee hearings that came a day after this interview. All I saw was a video clip of Elizabeth Warren going through her usual tirade that always leads to no further action.

USA Today has some clips of Warren’s performance in the article Elizabeth Warren laid the smackdown on Wells Fargo CEO.

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