Jill Stein: Let’s Get Out The Vote In The South

The Stein campaign does not make it easy, but here is an email that I received that I would like to share. It explains some of the reasons why it is important that Jill Stein get votes even if she cannot win.

Also remember the lesson of Ralph Nader in the 2000 election. If enough of us had voted for Nader to actually cause Al Gore to lose the election in 2000, then the Democratic Party of 2016 would never have dared foist Hillary Clinton on us in 2016.

If Jill Stein can get a vote that is bigger than the normal margin between the candidates of the two major parties, in the next election the Democratic Party will have to think twice before nominating another very disliked candidate.

If Jill Stein cannot get a significant number of votes, then the message to the Democrats is that they can safely choose whomever the corporate donors want, and we will blindly follow.

Request to get out the vote in the south

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