I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Make Enough People Listen

The Daily Kos has the article I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Make Enough People Listen which was recommended to me by William Kilmer.

Last December I was knocking on doors in western Pennsylvania communities that I might characterize as the rust on the rust belt. As part of a “front porch focus group” I was tasked with talking to voters about the presidential election, finding out what issues they cared about and what they thought of candidates. A number of things became clear to me very quickly.

Voters were fed up. They saw both government and big business as part of a rigged game that was leaving them behind. They believed, quite rightly, that the majority of politicians don’t respond to the people when big donors tell them to do otherwise. They were desperate to smash that system and find a leader who would stand up for them. They no longer trusted “the system” and longed for someone outside of it to break through and make real, fundamental change.

The final paragraph of the article says the following:

But will the liberal elites listen? Will we be able to wrest control of our party and our progressive institutions away from Washington and Wall Street insiders who have destroyed our credibility with working class people across so much of the country? Will you help me make them listen this time?

This is a great, great article. I had similar frustrations talking to the Sturbridge Democratic Town Committee of which I am no longer a member. I have long ago stopped reading the Daily Kos. Is this their attempt to make amends?

On the article on The Daily Kos, I made the following comment:

Is this article a sign that it is safe to read The Daily Kos again? I stopped reading the Daily Kos when they stopped allowing any dissent on Hillary Clinton. While this is a great article, I will not be a regular reader of Daily Kos again. The only reason for my seeing this article is that it was recommended to me by a friend whose judgment I trust.

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