RT Accounts from Aleppo Residents

YouTube has the video RT Accounts from Aleppo Residents.

The fake news reports from Aleppo have been stirring emotions at the latest UN Security Council meeting, with diplomats echoing various claims. RT’s correspondent Lizzie Phelan in Aleppo gauged reaction from locals to the claims of genocide and massacres taking place in the city.

I have also found the RT story As thousands flee E. Aleppo, RT hears stories of those trapped there for years (VIDEO).

Mohamad has come from western Aleppo to pick up Ibrahim, his brother, who was trapped in Sheikh Sa’eed district.

“Four years ago he couldn’t escape, but I did. He was stuck there and thank God we are reunited now,” he tells our crew, meeting for the first time his two youngest nephews who were born in eastern Aleppo.

Oddly, this video shows the same type of buses that are being filled with people who sought refuge whereas they are shown by our press as leaving a pickup site completely empty.

Of course, these RT reports should be rejected out of hand because they are reported by a Russian news medium. We trust our news media to never lie to us. They and Colin Powell can’t help it that they believed the stories the government told them about the WMD in Iraq before they stampeded us into that war. Our media has at least learned from their mistakes, and is reporting all sides of the conflict in Syria including this one.

And we know that our media’s reports of the Russian hacking of our election is the God’s honest truth.

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