Practical Issue In Doing Away With The Electoral College

I have just thought of a practical issue that people might want to think about when they call for abolishing the idea of an electoral college. This really only applies to the fact that the vote in each state determines how many electoral college votes a candidate gets.

Imagine if all that matters for choosing the President is the totals in the nationwide vote. If the vote is very close, does that mean we need a nation-wide recount of all the votes? As it is now, we are more likely to only need recounts in a small number of states where the vote is close.

If people get their further wish for hand counted ballots, then that’s a lot of ballots to recount. Of course, I believe that electronic ballots can be counted more honestly, let alone just as honestly, as hand counted ballots if the system were designed from the start to promote honest elections. Such a system bears little resemblance to the electronic voting that we have today. See my previous post Making Electronic Voting Transparent for a description of such an honest electronic system.

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