Trump Told China to “Keep The Drone.” China’s Response Is Chilling

Occupy Democrats has a silly article, Trump Told China to “Keep The Drone.” China’s Response Is Chilling. This article is typical of Occupy Democrats these days.

What might the “lessons” China seeks to teach Trump be? Economic retaliation? A provocative military posture?

Maybe China will stop selling their goods to us and stop stealing our jobs? Perhaps China will try to have a massive sale of its $300 billion in US bonds so that they drive down their value and become worthless to the Chinese.

Maybe we should continue our current foreign policy of refusing to cooperate with Russia in our common interests, and cow-towing to the Chinese to forsake our friends in Taiwan.

Or maybe, just maybe, Donald Trump actually knows how to fix both situations. We have become so fixated on judging Donald Trump as being incompetent we have lost our ability to recognize when he might have a good idea or two. Maybe two is all the good ideas he has, but let’s not paint ourselves into the corner of having to oppose everything he proposes. That would be like the Republican reaction to Obama.

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