Democrats Split Between Wealthy Donors vs. Sanders Progressives

The Observer has the article Democrats Split Between Wealthy Donors vs. Sanders Progressives.

Despite the Democratic Party’s failures, mainstream Democrats are calling for blind loyalty under the false pretense of unity. “The party can’t win if it’s not inclusive, and the way to be inclusive is not to re-litigate the old battle. And there’s obviously some attempt to do that” corporate lobbyist and Clinton super delegate Howard Dean said in a recent interview. This misdiagnosis of the Democratic Party’s essential problem illuminates why it is in such a dire state.

This call for blind loyalty is what finally drove me out of the Democratic Party. I am just not the type to knuckle under. It should be an interesting race to see which party, The Green Party or the Democratic Party, is more successful in addressing the issues that ordinary US Americans face in their daily lives. It is not a matter of being Progressive, Neo-liberal, Conservative, or Libertarian. What matters is whether or not you can address and solve the problems that the bottom economic 90% of this country and the world face in their daily lives. If you don’t even address these issues, they just don’t have the time to even consider you, let alone vote for you. That’s a pretty big constituency to ignore.

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