Bill Black: Not 4 Sale – Why the Corrupt, Worker-Hating New Democrats Must Be Purged

Naked Capitalism has the article Bill Black: Not 4 Sale – Why the Corrupt, Worker-Hating New Democrats Must Be Purged.

Large corporations provided the bulk of PPI’s funding, but like the DLC it was also heavily funded by the Bradley Foundation. Harry Bradley, along with the Koch brothers’ father, was a charter member of the John Birch Society. That means they were off-the-charts looney and ultra-right wing. Mr. Bradley’s passion was his hatred for organized labor. He was a notorious for his employment discrimination against blacks and women. At the time the DLC and the PPI formed, the Bradley Foundation was the Nation’s most destructive funder of ultra-right wing efforts to influence policy. Today, it is the force behind Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s war against organized labor. The Nation’s most virulent and effective enemy of organized labor funded the New Democrats. The New Democrats knew what they were choosing to lie down with and they knew exactly what they were signaling to organized labor about their hostility to unions and disdain for the working class.

I used to laugh at the Tea Party members who did not realize that their organization was created with Koch Brothers’ funding. I guess I won’t be laughing anymore.

The article is too long to read it all, but I did notice one failure. I commented on the article with the following:

You keep mentioning Elizabeth Warren without mentioning that she is no longer a threat to the DLC nor the DNC. She has been bought out and completely gone over to the other side. How could you not notice what she did in support of Hillary Clinton? She is now supporting Trump’s cabinet nominees like Ben Carson for HUD. She says she would not want to stand in Carson’s way even knowing that he is totally incompetent to lead HUD. As if a vote from a Senate Democrat is needed for him to be approved.

I then read some of the other comments. I noticed that some of them had pointed out the same flaw in the article about claiming that Elizabeth Warren was still on our side.

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