Rep. Gabbard, Kucinich meet with Assad in Syria

YouTube has the video Rep. Gabbard, Kucinich meet with Assad in Syria.

This is the first video I have seen that includes an interview with Dennis Kucinich.

One trouble I note with many of these videos, is the question that the interviewers almost always ask. They ask Tulsi and Dennis how they could possibly meet with Assad who has this long litany of charges against him. Both Tulsi and Dennis go on to explain why you have to talk to such people if there is a chance to stop a war. They rarely spend the time to point out that many of the charges made against Assad are likely fiction promulgated by our spy agencies. What is the point of not talking to someone because of accusations that might be completely false?

Dennis and Tulsi may have good reason to not want to get bogged down in a conversation about whether or not Assad is guilty of all the charges against him, but when they don’t mention their objections we get yet another repetition of the lie that goes unchallenged.

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