Do Corporate Democrats Like Charles Schumer Belong in a Progressive Movement Against Trump?

The Real News Network has the video Do Corporate Democrats Like Charles Schumer Belong in a Progressive Movement Against Trump?.

HENRY GIROUX: I think that’s… I don’t disagree with that. My only concern about that argument is that it needs to be supplemented by another, it seems to me, narrative. And that is, while it might be useful to do everything in one can to make sure that split becomes even wider, and a candidate emerges that can mobilize people in ways that speak to a better… a more democratic future, there also has to be organizations being developed that are creating alternative ways of understanding politics where, you know, organizations that basically are both local, national and international, organizations that are imagining and making clear different ways for people to engage in social relationships, different understandings of how a university can be run, different understandings of what it means to have free healthcare, different ways to sort of empower communities, different ways to speak to communities, alternative media being developed. I mean, I think that there certainly has to be infrastructures that make that question about what an alternative society looks like concrete.

I think the above quote may be the point of the interview. However, I got this from the transcript in the article, not from watching the video.

At about half way into this video, I stopped watching. I had the following reaction:

I can’t stand it. Paul Jay does it again. He brings in an expert to interview, but Paul is more interested in convincing the expert to adopt Paul’s ideas that he won’t ask the expert what his ideas are. Paul should listen to himself. Whenever the words “But don’t you agree …” pass through his lips, he should realize he is going down the wrong track. He should change that sentence to “What do you suggest we do?”

The point should not be to bring on expert guests to use as a foil to interview yourself.

I then, scrolled to the bottom of the transcript and started to backtrack until I found a paragraph that seemed to express what Giroux was almost being prevented from saying.

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