Gabbard to repay cost of Syria trip

The Hill has the article Gabbard to repay cost of Syria trip.

Democrats and Republicans alike were critical of the decision, with members of both parties voicing concerns with the trip in light of Assad’s human rights record.

What The Hill failed to tell you is that “Assad’s human rights record” has been tampered with by our government and its “intelligence” agencies. There are a number of reporters and Syrian residents who will attest to the views that our corporate press refuses to report. Whether the corporate press thinks these people are right or wrong, why won’t they even tell you that these people exist? Is there only one side of the story they want you to know? Is that called reporting all the news so you can make up your own mind? Or is it that the responsibility of the corporate press is to keep you from knowing what they think you shouldn’t know?

The corporate press has no problem telling you of the tiny number of scientists who dispute global warming. In this article they have no trouble taking a dig at the facts in the story by telling you the propaganda line that they want you to believe about Syria.

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