Don’t Side With Neoliberalism in Opposing Trump

Naked Capitalism has the article Don’t Side With Neoliberalism in Opposing Trump.

During the Bernie Sanders campaign I heard a high-level official give a powerful speech blasting the Trans-Pacific Partnership Act for the harm it would bring to workers, environmentalists and to all who cared about protecting democracy.

Donald Trump now has signed an executive order pulling out of the TPP negotiations.

Is this a victory or a defeat for the tens of thousands of progressives who campaigned to kill the TPP?

I agree with the gist of the article and the caveat that Naked Capitalism added. However, I feel the need to add a caveat of my own.

This is not quite right “Trade deals are bad deals unless they enforce the highest health, safety, environmental and labor standards.”

Labor in the developing countries consider some of this to be the developed countries’ trick of preventing the people in the developing countries from getting jobs. There is some truth to this idea. When we negotiate trade deals, we must remember that in a fair negotiation neither side gets everything it wants, but each side must get enough of what it wants to agree to the terms of the negotiation.

The trouble with past trade pacts is that only the corporations on both sides of the deal were represented. In the future, labor and environment on both sides must be represented in the negotiations.

Thanks to Raj V. for awakening me to the issue many years ago. My take on how to respond to the issue is mine, though. I am not sure if Raj V. would agree.

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