The Corporate Press Crisis Is An Opportunity We Cannot Afford To Miss

The corporate media thinks they are facing a crisis with 45, and they need us to come to their defense in their hour of need. We cannot let this opportunity to extract some payback if they want our help now.

Where were they when they gave all the coverage to 45 and none to Bernie Sanders? Where were they when they ridiculed Sanders’ programs and policies by only seeking the comment of the “experts” who disagreed with Sanders. There were plenty of “experts” who could have told you Sander’s plans were better than Clinton’s plans.

Where were they when we needed to hear the truth about Syria instead of just giving us the Clinton war mongering.

What is the chance that they will show you the YouTube video US Rep Tulsi Gabbard’s visit to Aleppo | January 2017. You may have seen some of the very beginning of this video, but I don’t think you saw, in the corporate press, the full remarks of the Catholic Priest in Aleppo.

Don’t give a free handout to the anti-liberal corporate press by running to their rescue. Make them pay for your help by demanding a promise of fair coverage in the future. Stop shiolling for the “intelligence” community by shamelessly repeating their discredited claims about Russian interference in our elections. Tell them to stop beating the drums of war before you will consider comeing to their rescue on issues of the free press. How free is that press when all they want to do is give you the propaganda of the oligarchs?

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