Rohan Grey of the Modern Money Network joins Real Progressives

Real Progressives has the interview Rohan Grey of the Modern Money Network joins Real Progressives.

When I tuned in near the beginning this was in the middle of a discussion of relieving the student debt problem. That was such a great discussion that I would have been satisfied for that to be the topic of the whole interview. The interview just kept getting better and better as it went on to other issues.

Rohan Grey likes to discuss these issues with the precision that I relish. He is far more interested in just telling you the plain truth than he is of coming up with an explanation that will get you to buy into what he says. At one point he discussed exactly why I believe that it is a bad idea to use an argument that fuzzes over some truths in order to get you to believe in the premise. In my experience, a technique that fuzzes the truth will always come back to bite you. If you have a good and honest story, just tell the truth about it.

I have been known to attack explanations of the Modern Model Model if they stray into trying to ignore some thorny questions. I have found that if you really understand the model, there are perfectly true explanations of those thorny problems. The true explanation is better than the fuzz.

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