Political Negotiating 101

I didn’t think I would have to teach this course, but now I am thinking I might have to. Take a look at the web page Draft Bernie for a People’s Party.

Bernie doesn’t seem to be bright enough to even pretend that he might take this opportunity being handed to him on a silver platter. Is there a chance that we can wise him up before he fritters away this golden opportunity? He is now in the process of telling the Democratic Party leaders that no matter how much they ignore progressive ideas, Bernie won’t abandon them. Is this a foolish negotiating strategy, or what?

If you are afraid to even threaten the Democratic Party “leaders” with this, what other bargaining power do you think you can bring to bear to get the party to listen to you? This threat applies to the “leaders” in Massachusetts – Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Jim McGovern, and Richard Neal come to mind.

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