A Democratic President Who Deregulated Wall Street and Initiated the Beginning of Disastrous Trade Policies

I think that Bernie Sanders made a similar remark in all three venues in Massachusetts on March 31, 2017. Here is the one from the address at the Edward Kennedy Institute.

Let’s not forget it was a Democratic President, not a Republican, who deregulated Wall Street and initiated the beginning of disastrous trade policies.

He never mentioned the name of that Democratic President in any of the three venues. Even after he was introduced by Elizabeth Warren who called Bernie Sanders a “great friend” Remember that Elizabeth Warren was the great friend who wouldn’t endorse Bernie Sanders when she had a chance to change the whole tenor of the primary elections. Instead, Elizabeth Warren eventually came out to endorse Hillary Clinton. In many events during the general election, Elizabeth Warren introduced Hillary Clinton by telling us how Hillary was going to be the major fighter for the middle-class. Apparently, neither Elizabeth Warren nor Bernie Sanders can remember the name of the Democratic President who did those things that have sunk the Democratic Party over the last 8 years.

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