Ten Problems with Anti-Russian Obsession

Consortium News has the article Ten Problems with Anti-Russian Obsession.

Further, the “blame-Russia” and “hate Trump” campaigns have reduced the credibility of liberals and progressives and make it harder to reach out to white working-class Americans who voted for Trump, in part, because they felt ignored and disrespected by the national Democratic Party.
By obsessing on Russia-gate, Democrats and liberals are playing into the hands of neoconservatives and the Military Industrial Complex, which are pushing for another war in the Middle East and an expensive New Cold War with Russia. The immediate flashpoint is Syria where the Syrian government and allies are making slow but steady progress defeating tens of thousands of foreign-funded extremists.

These are two of the reasons that I think are most damaging to the Progressive and Liberal cause in this country. Since I keep insisting that the 4 “intelligence” agencies’ claims to Russian hacking of the DNC email are just suppositions and accusation without proof, I now have a cousin accusing me of being a right-wing conspiracy theorist. That’s particularly ironic coming from a person who is a Democrat, but who is somewhat to the right of me in political philosophy.

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