President Carter Just Gave Trump Urgent Advice On His North Korean Warmongering

The Washington Journal has the article President Carter Just Gave Trump Urgent Advice On His North Korean Warmongering.

“During all these visits, the North Koreans emphasized that they wanted peaceful relations with the United States and their neighbors, but were convinced that we planned a preemptive military strike against their country. They wanted a peace treaty (especially with America) to replace the ceasefire agreement that had existed since the end of the Korean War in 1953, and to end the economic sanctions that had been very damaging to them during that long interim period….”

These comments from Jimmy Carter add a lot of information that seems to have been lost to the collective memories of our political “leaders” and the corporate press. Very few regular citizens seem to be aware of this information. Many of the people who did once know of this have had the information erased from their memories by the propaganda of our corporate press.

NBC news thinks that airing the SNL parody “Weekend Update” is fake news. They just don’t want to get it. It is not that obvious comedy is fake news. Fake news is what the apparent serious corporate press tries to tell us that we know isn’t true. So their labeling SNL as fake news is itself fake news.

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