How To Keep Your Head In A Sea Of Propaganda

Medium has the article How To Keep Your Head In A Sea Of Propaganda. There are some very good ideas in this article. I found that I have recently developed an appreciation one of these ideas due to a book I have been reading. Here is an excerpt from the article that introduces the idea of “inner work”

Propaganda works by constructing narratives that are favorable to the institution promulgating it, and it does so by appealing to people’s baser impulses like fear and tribalism in order to create sympathy for their stories. Inner work which creates some space from mental narrative and identification is a great way to inoculate oneself against such manipulations. Meditation, self-inquiry, mantra repetition and mindfulness practices can all be useful toward this end, as can right-brained activities like drawing and painting since they involve a movement away from the language center.

I never put much stock in the value of meditation until I read the book “Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism” by Rajiv Malhotra. Here is an excerpt from the description of the book that I found on Amazon.

India is more than a nation state. It is also a unique civilization with philosophies and cosmologies that are markedly distinct from the dominant culture of our times – the West. India’s spiritual traditions spring from dharma which has no exact equivalent in Western frameworks. Unfortunately, in the rush to celebrate the growing popularity of India on the world stage, its civilizational matrix is being co-opted into Western universalism, thereby diluting its distinctiveness and potential.

“Being Different” explained the value of “inner work” as a tool that can be used in addition to western style logic to give you insights that you won’t get from western style logic alone. I still have not taken up meditation, but I now see the point of it.

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