How a Far Left Candidate Won in a Deep Red State

Governing has the article How a Far Left Candidate Won in a Deep Red State.

The new mayor of Jackson, Miss., may offer striking evidence of a nationwide trend.

This is the beginning of my research into Jackson, Mississippi. My interest was keeked by comments of Ajamu Baraka in the previous post On Contact: Agenda of Hate with Ajamu Baraka.

The article on Jackson in Wikipedia has a rather ironic first topic after the introduction.

The region that is now the city of Jackson was historically part of the large territory occupied by the Choctaw Nation, the historic culture of the Muskogean-speaking indigenous peoples who had inhabited the area for thousands of years before European encounter.
Under pressure from the U.S. government, the Choctaw Native Americans agreed to removal after 1830 from all of their lands east of the Mississippi River under the terms of several treaties.

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