Left Forum hosts Dr Paul Cockshott on Cybersocialism

YouTube has the video Left Forum hosts Dr Paul Cockshott on Cybersocialism. This video was suggested to me when I complained that I had never heard an explanation on the idea of a Resource Based Economy that I could fully understand. The part that always got me confused was the idea of getting rid of money and replacing it with a resource basis. I just could not figure out what such a replacement would be that was not money.

I have watched most of the video by Cockshott on Cybersocialism. The only part I didn’t finish was the Q & A section. There are some very interesting ideas presented here, but there is a certain amount of naivete, inconsistency, and pure factual errors here. I don’t mean to say that you have to throw out everything he said, but I am saying you cannot accept everything he said.

In the beginning of the talk he took pains to explain that you could not measure an entire economy based on a single factor like labor. He then proposes a system that is based only on labor hours worked. (In other words labor backed money instead of money backed by something else such as gold.)

By the way, my background includes 40 years of computer software engineering. I am well familiar with linear programming as he mentioned.

I was pleased to see the electronic voting system he proposed has fundamental similarities to my proposal that I published on my blog in 2012, Making Electronic Voting Transparent.

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