Trade panel recommends Trump impose tariffs on solar power technology

The Hill has the article Trade panel recommends Trump impose tariffs on solar power technology.

Senator Edward J. Markey posted remarks on Facebook about this.

Today’s action provides President Trump and the fossil fuel industry the means to kill the solar energy industry in the United States and the hundreds of thousands of blue-collar American workers it employs. Here’s my full statement on today’s International Trade Commission action:

Link to full statement

Congratulations to Senator Markey for recognizing how destructive these recommendations are. I believe that free trade is good for the world. NAFTA and TPP were not free trade. NAFTA and TPP were oligarch protection agreements. NAFTA and TPP gave free trade a bad name.

Not only will a tariff kill jobs in the USA, but it will price solar out of the market in the USA. That will just put our country further behind the rest of the world in adopting the latest technology to improve our efficiency, our environment, and our energy independence. We have plenty of domestic semiconductor companies that are competing successfully in the world market without the use of tariffs. Support from our government for our domestic companies is much better than road-blocks to non-domestic producers. One such support would be taking the burden of health insurance off the backs of domestic companies with the introduction of Medicare For All.

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