Elizabeth Warren Confesses to Duplicity

PBS has the article and video Sen. Elizabeth Warren says 2016 Democratic primary was rigged.

When asked by PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff whether she thought the election was rigged, Warren said: “I think it was.” This comes as a book excerpt from Donna Brazile, former interim acting chair of the Democratic National Committee, was published by Politico. Brazile points to emails leaked from a Russian hack of a DNC server and made public by Wikileaks, suggesting that top Democratic officials favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders and details how Clinton’s campaign was helping to finance the committee.

Elizabeth Warren confesses to being the ultimate bullshit artist. I would be willing to bet that she knew at the time when she refused to endorse Bernie that the Hillary Victory Fund was buying her refusal to endorse Bernie.

Speaking about duplicity, it is pretty unlikely that the theft of DNC emails was a Russian hack.

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