‘Zero evidence’ for claims Russia hacked DNC – NSA whistleblower

YouTube has the RT interview video ‘Zero evidence’ for claims Russia hacked DNC – NSA whistleblower.

Previously, I had posted about this analysis and had criticized one aspect of it. My previous posts were A Leak or a Hack? A Forum on the VIPS Memo and Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence.

In this video William Binney gives out some information that I had not heard before. In my critiques I said that the calculations VIPS made about the theoretically possible speed were not definitive. This interview is the first time I have heard that they made actual tests to see what speed could be achieved. Before that, all I had heard was theoretical calculations as to what would be possible. My calculations showed that the speeds were theoretically possible. I did not say that I knew those speeds could be achieved in practice. All I meant to say was that the calculations did not prove that those speeds were impossible theoretically. Experiments don’t prove that the data couldn’t have been downloaded off site in this amount of time if the original downloaders might have had some technology that the VIPS didn’t have. However, I will grant that it is less likely that there was some secret technology that could have been used to carry out the speedy download. The speed of the original transfer also depends on the speed of the DNC server and the speed of its connection to the internet. All of these speeds are probably unknown to the VIPS, but it is at least likely that VIPS were able to use fairly high speed technology on both ends of their experiments. There are also other factors that might limit the speed one can achieve in practice, but I am not about to write a technical book on the matter in this blog.

April 28, 2018

The VIPS experiments involved transfers of data from this side of the Atlantic to the other side of the Atlantic. There is no telling how many hops it required to make the trip. On the other hand, if the downloaders of the data used a receiving computer that was close to the DNC’s computer, then the number of hops could have been minimized. Thus the transfer speed could have been higher than the transfer speed from a computer on this side of the Atlantic to some place in Europe that the VIPS experimented with.

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