Capitalism: Not With a Bang But With a (Prolonged) Whimper

Naked Capitalism has the article Capitalism: Not With a Bang But With a (Prolonged) Whimper.

“How will capitalism end?” is the title of a brilliant book by the German thinker Wolfgang Streeck. (Verso, London 2016, published in India by Juggernaut Books.) It provides a cogent and persuasive critique of the nature of contemporary capitalism, and describes its ongoing extended demise, without surrendering to any optimism that as it fails to deliver even in terms of its own logic, all the nastiness and injustice it has generated must inevitably change for the better.

I don’t believe it is quite as dire as the book’s author and the article’s author think it is. It is normal for us not to be able to predict the future. If we can’t see the solution now, it is a failure of our imagination. It is not proof that there can be no solution. Some of us, particularly science fiction writers, can imagine a better future. We just don’t know exactly how we will get to that better future. Admittedly, the path to that future may not be smooth and painless.

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