Let the Record Show: Negotiations with North Korea Work

Lobe Log has the article Let the Record Show: Negotiations with North Korea Work.

For those seeking to prevent a war that could result in millions of casualties on the Korean Peninsula, there are no military options. But for many Democrats, promoting diplomacy runs the risk of signaling weakness. Unsurprisingly, economic measures that straddle the line between being punitive and not-quite-war receive the widest bipartisan support.
Both the United States and North Korea played a part in the Agreed Framework’s collapse, but the assertion that North Korea cheated obscures that fact. Soon after the Clinton administration brokered the deal, Republicans gained control of Congress, resulting in “a lack of political will,” according to chief negotiator Robert Gallucci, and led to significant delays in the delivery of US obligations.

I knew about the initial deal worked out during the Clinton administration. I wasn’t aware of all the details assembled in this article about what happened since the Clinton administration. I probably wasn’t aware because this is not information you are going to see prominently displayed in the corporate media’s fake news stories.

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