The Destruction of Matt Taibbi

Paste Magazine has the article The Destruction of Matt Taibbi.

“These claims that Matt would do this stuff are ridiculous,” she said. “I left The eXile because we started dating, and Matt was worried about impropriety. He didn’t even ask me out at work! Matt is a fundamentally decent and kind person.”

I never knew that this had been done to Matt Taibbi. I was wondering why he seemed to have disappeared.

The right has found a new weapon that seems to have been first wielded by Democrats. When I first listened to the Trump tape, I was reminded of some of the stories guys would tell to boost their images. One never knew if any of it was true. In Taibbi’s case all the indentifiable women involved say that it was not true and was never meant to be taken as true.

This is why I have taken to using <sarcasm></sarcasm> or <satire></satire> flags around everything that I write that might not be recognized for what it is by some readers. It sort of spoils the joke to label it that flagrantly, but better to be safe than sorry.

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