The REAL Reason FedEx And UPS Are Fighting For Tax Cuts

YouTube has the video The REAL Reason FedEx And UPS Are Fighting For Tax Cuts.

This episode in a series being done by TYT Investigates gives the facts to backup what I have been saying about the need for tax cuts to create jobs. Well actually, there is a nuance here that I haven’t mentioned before. That is, that even if there is enough business to warrant business expansion, the money will be invested in automation, not in creating more jobs.

This is but one episode in a series. The page to see the links to the UPS and FedEx part of the series is the TYT Investigates Series: Tax Cuts & Job Creation – UPS & FedEx.

Somewhere in the late 1980s, I concluded that I would never become financially independent working for a salary. I needed to become an owner. That is when I started to learn more about investing in the stock market. I am very glad I did, This enabled me to retire shortly after I turned 62.

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