WATCH: Joe Biden Brags About Rigging The Ukranian Political System

YouTube has the video WATCH: Joe Biden Brags About Rigging The Ukranian Political System.

Yes, this is exactly what frustrates me about USA actions.

Admittedly, I should do some more investigation of the background of this story. Who was the prosecutor that got fired, and what did he do to merit firing? However, I think the meddling complaint would hold up no matter what the answers to these questions are.

OK, so after a miniscule amount of poking around, I came up with this Russia Feed article Joe Biden brags he got key Ukrainian official fired in exchange for money

The prosecutor general at the time, Viktor Shokin, was previously supported by the US and much of the EU, but as The New Yorker described, “after initially supporting Shokin, U.S. and E.U. officials soured on him.” Washington suddenly viewed Shokin, who had served two decades within the Prosecutor General’s office as corrupt and unwilling to initiate crackdown in major financial scandal cases involving high profile figures.

Considering the Obama administration’s record on (the absence of) prosecuting Wall Street fraud, this may be even more ironic than the claims in the video.

Of course, one could do even more digging to find out what’s the real story to who Viktor Shokin really is and why we really took a sudden dislike to him. A real investigative reporter with a sufficient amount of skepticism would not stop where I have.

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