George Soros Lecture Series: Open Society

The third lecture in this series is George Soros Lecture Series: Open Society.

Open Society Foundations chairman and founder George Soros shares his latest thinking on economics and politics in a five-part lecture series recorded at Central European University, October 26-30, 2009. The lectures are the culmination of a lifetime of practical and philosophical reflection.

Soros discusses his general theory of reflexivity and its application to financial markets, providing insights into the recent financial crisis. The third and fourth lectures examine the concept of open society, which has guided Soros’s global philanthropy, as well as the potential for conflict between capitalism and open society. The closing lecture focuses on the way ahead, examining the increasingly important economic and political role that China will play in the future.

This episode broadens the discussion way beyond the previous focus om financial impacts of of the Soros philosophy. It is a very enlightening explanation of the fix this country found itself in in 2009. There is not much in this lecture to explain how we will fix these problems. The anticipated promise is that solutions will be discussed in the fifth lecture. I suspect there will be much more analysis of the problem in the next lecture which will be the fourth in the series.

I am prepared to be disappointed. While analyzing the problem in this way is a great contribution, I have found that as great a contribution as that is, analysis is yet easier than coming up with a solution. I always hope to be surprised by finding that exceedingly rare occurrence of being provided with a feasible solution, one that could conceivably be implemented.

If you are joining the lecture series here, and wish to get more into the background of how we got to this point, start with the first lecture which is presented in a previous post Soros: General Theory of Reflexivity.

April 25, 2018

George Soros Lecture Series: Open Society Q&A.

April 25, 2018

For the next lecture in the series see my subsequent post George Soros Lecture Series: Capitalism vs. Open Society.

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