“Minsky,” a Macroeconomic Modeling Software Platform

Source Forge has a downloadable version of “Minsky,” a Macroeconomic Modeling Software Platform.

Free open-source computer program for building and simulating dynamic, monetary economic models, models without equilibrium and with a financial sector. A vital tool for a new approach to economics.

Read the rest of this post before you go running off to download the software. First of all, I have lost my faith that Source Forge will deliver you a clean version of software that is free of viruses, bloatware, and other annoying crap unrelated to the main point of what you think you are downloading. I posted the link mainly for the explanation of that the software is. I mentioned this software in the previous post Cenk and Young Turks Team: Your Deficit Hawkery is Unrealistic and Stands in the Way of Progressive Change.

Second, I want to say a few words about the designer of this software, Steve Keen. He uses this software to develop his understanding of the dynamics of an economy described in the blurb above. I have tried to listen to many of his lectures where he uses the software to demonstrate his conclusions. Every time he does it, he seems to fumble around, and he gets us so lost in the weeds that I have a hard time understanding his point or how the software proves it. His explanations are so full of hand-waving that I am never sure he has actually proved what he claims to have shown you.

Finally, I came to am interview where he didn’t have access to a computer to go down his usual confusing path. He explained everything just using words. From this interview, I got a much better understanding of his point of view, and he even confirmed my suspicions about some flaws in the explanation of Modern Money Theory (MMT). There is a link to the interview in my previous post Oliver Green in conversation with Steve Keen, Contrarian Economist and Author. Please forgive Oliver Green for trying and failing to get Steve Keen to confirm Green’s misunderstandings of some of the ideas that Keen is presenting.

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