Why Trump Attacks The Media

Bernie Sanders’ organization posted a video on FacebookWhy Trump Attacks The Media.

Donald Trump explained to a reporter why he constantly attacks the media. What he said should make us all very concerned.

If the corporate media did not only give us the oligarch’s party line, then they would not be so vulnerable to what Trump is doing. There used to be diversity in the media because of diversity of ownership. Our country has allowed the concentration of media ownership to about 6 major players. There used to be a fairness doctrine for usage of the public airwaves for broadcasting news. That was done away with by Ronald Reagan, and has just made worse in succeeding administrations,

The internet gives us a unique opportunity to learn about the bias in the corporate media. That is why net neutrality is under attack by these corporations. There is also a concerted effort to get the big corporations in control of the internet to censor what others are allowed to write that exposes the bias.

It is dangerous for people like Bernie Sanders, a supposed voice of reason, to ignore the real dangers in the way we get our controlled news. Considering what the press did to Sanders’ run for the Presidency, and the fact that he criticizes the press for the way they cover politics, how can he pretend that some of what Donald Trump says about the press is not true? Bernie Sanders seems to be ignoring the fact that a lot of what you hear on corporate news is fake news. I have been calling one particular news channel “Faux Noise” for years before Donald Trump ever thought about running for President.

One trouble with attacking everything that Trump says without discrimination is that the people who do it lose their credibility and destroy the credibility of progressives in general.

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